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What is Goodstart at Home?

At Goodstart our purpose is to ensure that all children have the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life.

Home learning is such an important part of the mix, and that’s where Goodstart at Home comes in! 

Goodstart at Home is a regularly-updated online collection of fun and enriching learning activities for you and your child to discover at home. Some of the activities are designed for you to play together with your child, while some might let you take a well-earned backseat while they explore and learn. 

All the activities have been developed by a team of experts who truly understand just how important play-based learning is in the early years.

Goodstart at Home is available to all Australian families, not just our wonderful Goodstart families.

Unlock the full Goodstart at Home experience and extend your child’s learning to your home environment.

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