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Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and ways to contact us for assistance.

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Goodstart Early Learning was founded on a vision of giving children the best possible start in life through access to quality early learning. 

Find out more about our services and centres at or speak with our friendly Family Services Team.

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 1800 222 543

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FAQs - Digital Subscription

  • Goodstart at Home is a regularly updated online collection of fun and enriching learning activities and experiences for you and your child to discover at home. Some of the activities and experiences are designed for you to play together with your child, and some might even let you take a well-earned backseat while they explore and learn.

  • The activities have been developed by our team of highly experienced and qualified early childhood and primary education experts.

    Each activity steps through what the learning will be for children, what parents need to do and the everyday household items you might need for each one.

    The activities on Goodstart at Home cover the below curriculum and learning areas (age appropriate) so you can be sure that it’s both fun and helping them learn and grow at the same time.

    • Literacy
    • Mathematics
    • STEM
    • Social and Emotional Well Being
    • Physical Development
    • Creative Development
    • Daily Routines.
  • You should automatically have access once you sign in/purchase a subscription. For any issues with your subscription please email the Goodstart@Home team at

  • It’s a one-off fee of $12 for your 12-month subscription. We are unable to cancel subscriptions or issue refunds after payment has been made.  After the 12-month period the subscription will automatically end. Remember the activities are updated regularly so be sure to check the latest content section each time you log in.

  • The annual subscription fee allows one account to be created, with one login.

  • No. However, you will be prompted to renew close to the end of the twelve months. You can then confirm if you would like to continue with your subscription to Goodstart at Home.

  • Please contact the Goodstart at Home team directly at

  • You can contact Goodstart’s Family Support Team on 1800 222 543 or by emailing They will be happy to assist you to find a Goodstart centre in your local area. Alternatively, you can book a tour at your local centre directly on our website at

  • If you received a key code for a free subscription please email the team at with your code and contact details. The team will arrange free access. 

  • If you wish to delete your Goodstart at Home account please submit the Contact Us form, selecting the Account deletion option. Please ensure the email address provided is the one linked to your account or specify the email address used when registering.

FAQs - Ordering

  • Orders are received and dispatched within a week of receiving payment confirmation.

    Due to COVID we are experiencing longer than usual delivery times through our courier network.

    Shipping times vary across metro and regional areas, however if you don’t receive your item within 14 days of purchase please contact

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to refund or cancel a subscription once purchased as it goes directly towards the costs of running the platform. However, we are continuously updating the resources and what we offer on the site which you will continue to have access to for the duration of your 12-month subscription. We also actively encourage families to provide feedback about their experience so if there is anything you would like to see us include please drop us a line at

  • As a social purpose we are passionate about supporting the learning and development outcomes for children, both in our centres and at-home. We've created this toolkit to help parents support their children as they learn and navigate through their behaviours and emotions.

    The Family Behaviour Support Kit has a number of key resources for parents to use including:

    1. A detailed guide to step you through how to use each resource with your child.
    2. A routine chart to help with understanding what needs to be done each day/morning/night.
    3. Picture cards and a ‘First and Then’ chart to show visually what a child should do first and then (e.g. First we go to the toilet, then we wash our hands). This resource is particularly useful in supporting children to do those ‘tricky’ or ‘not fun’ tasks.
    4. A number of useful printed charts and tools focused on emotions and calming down strategies 
    5. Stop, Think, Do chart to support your child’s behaviour.
    6. How to acknowledge positive behaviours chart for you to complete as a parent.

    You can purchase the Family Behaviour Support Kit here:

  • Yes, absolutely. We know this is something that families may want to purchase for other parents or even educators and teachers who may want to purchase them to support families in their class/centre.

    You can purchase the Family Behaviour Support Kit here:

FAQs - Feedback

  • We would love to hear from you! Please share your feedback with us about your experience through the form on this page or direct at

  • Yes! We would love to see parents sharing the wonderful experiences they have with their children through Goodstart at Home. Just ensure when you post on Instagram or Facebook that you tag @goodstartmoments_   with #goodstartathome