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The experts behind Goodstart at Home

Goodstart at Home is developed by a team of Goodstart Early Learning experts who truly understand just how important play-based learning is in the early years.

Each activity has been developed by our incredibly experienced early childhood education experts, so you can be sure you are getting access to the very latest evidence-informed play and learning ideas and early years advice. Meet some members of our team below:

Sue Robb, OBE,  General Manager — Pedagogy and Practice  

An international early years thought leader — Goodstart’s executive lead on securing the very best learning, teaching, care and development for all our children.

Dr Suzy Tamone, Head of Professional Learning 

Leading the team who curate and develop learning resources for Goodstart.

Madeleine Saffigna, Head of Practice Improvement (Victoria & Tasmania) 

Building the capacity of the teams in Victoria and Tasmania to provide the best teaching and learning experience for every child in our care.

Catherine Tisdell, National Lead — Pedagogy & Practice 

Responsible for the provision of programs of support for teachers that enable high quality learning and teaching for all children.

Dr Lisa Palethorpe, National Lead — Early Learning Projects 

National program lead supporting better outcomes for all Australian children.

Goodstart at Home Endorsements

Goodstart at Home is endorsed by internationally renowned early childhood and education experts:

Prof Iram Siraj, OBE, University of Oxford, United Kingdom 

“My research shows very clearly the vital role parents and families have in supporting their children’s learning and development at home. The blend of high quality early learning in centres and parents supporting their children’s development through a stimulating home learning environment is a sure recipe for children achieving the best outcomes for both learning and well-being. As an International Thought Leader for Goodstart Early Learning I am delighted that the organisation is being proactive in offering support to all of Australia’s families through providing ideas, prompts and guidance in extending children’s learning in the home.“

Prof Edward Melhuish, OBE, CSci, FBPsS, FAPS, FAcSS, University of Oxford, UK

“As one of Goodstart’s international thought leaders I give my support to this website. The home learning environment plays a crucial part in a child’s learning and development so it is great to see that Goodstart are reaching out to parents in this vital area.“ 


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